I think it's so hard to find nice gifts for children and grandchildren. Don't you feel it too? It becomes very easy "a penny" as we say, or perhaps even worse - a card with an amount on it and then you swipe the money... It's not fun to give money. As a parent, I know that the money so easily "just disappears", and no matter how nice a hug you get when you leave the gift, there is rarely any memory of the gift left.

4 years ago we got tired of looking for a nice present for our son. He was then 10 years old and the only thing he wanted was hockey equipment or computer games. We wanted to find something different, something special. But it was even worse for grandparents. It was hopeless for them to find the right way. If they wanted to surprise, of course the sizes were wrong, and even more often from the wrong brand - or with the wrong logo on the cap... In recent years, they have given up, they now give "a penny" instead. I know they don't think it's fun.

Sometimes you want to give something special. Something nice. Something that remains.

That's why we created a real watch made for kids. I can really think that a children's watch from Torekovs in its exclusive box is a great gift!


May 31, 2022 — Leif Göransson

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