Children's watches from Torekovs - a really nice gift for children and grandchildren!

Here you will find our extra watch bracelets. You can easily change the strap in less than a minute - and give yourself the feeling of a completely new watch - or a new look.

Buy extra watch bracelets and change according to your mood or clothes. There are soft nato straps and genuine leather watch bands in many colors and for both watch sizes.


Watch bracelets for Torekov's children's watches, youth watches and women's watches.

Below also direct routes to our three different versions of watches; Pärlhamn, Dagshög and Svarteskär.

Watch bracelets for children and young people. At Torekovs, all watch bracelets and watches are created from the ground up to fit smaller wrists as well as to be easy to put on and take off the watch.

Watch bands should not be tight

Children and young people want a watch to fit tightly. Therefore, plastic or tight rubber watch bands are not suitable for children. When they get hot or wet, condensation forms with the risk of redness and even rashes under plastic watch bands. Therefore, invest in watch bracelets that are not tight. Torekovs offers watch bracelets in:

-Fabric, so-called nato. A very popular watch band that is soft and flexible. At Torekovs there is a large number of colors and patterns to choose from. The buckles are matching with the watch in Gold, Silver or Rose. There are also buckles in matte black.

-Genuine soft leather. Leather is a fantastic material for watches. It has always been so, and still uniquely good. Soft leather is perfect for children and young people.

Many people think it's great fun that it's so easy to change watch bands! Some express that they usually change watch bands to match the clothes. Some people change bands just because they want a "new watch" sometimes!

Invest in a watch bracelet that breathes but still fits tight.