Perfect gift for children and young people

Children's watches from Torekovs - large selection

Hypoallergenic with its Titanium underside, water resistant 5 ATM and diamond-hard sapphire crystal glass.

Best classic watch for children or young people!

Watches children

Children's watches from the Swedish premium brand Torekov's children's watches. Perfect gift birthday present, school graduation, student, school start or Christmas present. A gift to remember.

Children's watches from the Swedish premium brand Torekov's watches. Best suggestion if you are looking for a birthday present. A piece of jewelery as well as a children's watch!

All children must learn the clock and many young people lack a really nice clock. A great gift for a birthday, Christmas present, start of school or student!

Quality watches
Children and young people are active, and watches for children must withstand use. Torekov's watches have premium quality, are stylish, waterproof and comfortable to wear.

Watch strap soft leather, nato or mesh
Children want their watches to fit snugly on their wrists. They don't think it's nice when the watch slides down involuntarily on the underside. Therefore, it is important to have bands in materials that breathe. You don't want moisture to form under the tape. Torekov's watches have watch straps in genuine natural leather and soft fabric, so-called nato. There are also watch bands in exclusive mesh for the older children and teenagers.

Diamond hard glass for wristwatches for children and young people
A really nice watch has diamond-hard sapphire crystal glass. The very most exclusive watches for adults on the market have it. So also Torekov's watches.

Allergy-free watches, a matter of course
Torekov's children's watches are cast in the best 316L steel, so-called surgical steel. But all steel contains nickel, to absolutely exclude the risk of nickel allergy, all Torekov's watches have titanium undersides. They are thus hypoallergenic, they cannot cause allergies.

Waterproof watch is important
A watch for children must withstand water. Torekov's watches are waterproof to 5 ATM, i.e. approx. 50 meters of water depth. This means that you can forget your watch on your arm when you jump in the pool or in the shower at school.

Help the children at school, buy a children's watch
All children must learn the clock. You spend a lot of time in grades 1 to 3 learning about school. But, how many children have a watch? How many homes have a clock on the wall? Buy an analog watch for your child

Miss Lotta Larsson, who has been a primary school teacher for almost 30 years, expresses;

"It is difficult to teach the children the clock and it takes a lot of time. This is probably mostly due to the fact that the children do not have a clock of their own."

Help your child and buy a really nice children's watch.

A nice watch is a piece of jewelry
It's nice to feel nice. Also for children. In a watch from Torekovs, children and young people do it! It feels luxurious to have a Torekov watch.

-"A watch from Torekovs should be a stylish piece of jewelry while also being functional in everyday life and play," says founder Leif Göransson.

Of course it's great fun to be able to give away something nice! If you give a watch to your child or grandchild, you also give the young children better conditions at school.

Best watch - Unique gift
Giving a watch to older children and young people is a unique gift. Sometimes you want to give a gift that means a little extra. Maybe when the child or grandchild starts middle or high school. You want to give something they remember. Then Torekov's watches are a great gift. It is with them for many, many years!

Give a watch to a child as a Christmas present, for the start of school or just because you love someone!

  • All wristwatches for children and young people from Torekovs have a 2-year warranty.
  • Watches for children and young people are delivered free of charge in exclusive gift boxes wrapped in tissue paper.
Watches for children and young people from Torekovs are a truly exclusive and wise gift for boys and girls!

Common questions;
Can I buy Torekov watches in stores?

  • Torekov's watches for children and youth are only available online. This allows us to offer high-quality watches at a price far below what they would cost in stores. This summer there will be pop-up shops in Torekov/Båstad, but then we will manage them and the price will be the same.
Can you change the watch strap yourself, or do you have to hand it in for help?

  • It is easy to change the watch strap yourself. You can do it in about 30 seconds with the help of a quick lock and without any tools. Here you see how to do; Change the watch band
Are your watches suitable for me as a middle-aged mother?

  • Yes absolutely. In fact, you are currently our strongest growing target group. Many people find that their own watches are very small, and that it is becoming difficult to see what time it is. Then our minimalist watches are perfect. Clear yet exclusive. Torekovs Pärlhamn is the best choice for women of all ages.
When should you start teaching children the clock?

  • All children must learn the clock. The school spends 3 years of the Curriculum to teach children analog clocks in grades 1 to 3. It is appropriate for children to receive a children's clock at the age of 5-6 years. If they have a watch on their arm, it is significantly easier and more fun to learn the watch.