A unique children's watch

The watch with its slightly arched glass in sapphire crystal, high-gloss metal case, back in titanium and countless choices of watch straps - all packaged in a lovely gift box, is a unique children's watch and a memory that lasts. 

A Torekovs watch is built to last a long time and with the intention of being one of the gifts you remember when you grow up and wish to pass on to your own children one day.

"Having your very own gold watch has definitely made Simeon learn the watch faster"
— Micael Bindefeld, entrepreneur & father
"We are so happy with our watches from Torekovs !! Stylish, high-quality and stylish models, which are easy to vary with different bracelets. The perfect gift to give away to a little one who is learning the watch!"
— Sara Nilsson, mother
Fast delivery, nice watch! Very satisfied!
— Julia Fältén, bloger

Children's watches and youth wristwatches


A perfect gift for birthdays, the start of school and Christmas Eve.

Let Torekovs be a memory for you or for someone you care about.

Children's watches are a great gift

The Torekov watches are really made for children. It should not only be a nice gift, it should also be comfortable to wear. The toggle button is moved to number 2 (normally located at number 3) so as not to touch the skin.

The underside of the Torekov watches is completely free of nickel. They consist of 100% hypoallergenic Titanium.

Water resistant

Torekovs watches are adapted for play and are built with a water resistance of 5 ATM. Our simple explanation is that a child should be able to forget the clock and jump in the shower or a lighter bath.

All Torekov watches use the finest and most durable glass - diamond-hard Sapphire glass

“My hope is that children shall feel proud over a real watch given to them and the memories attached to the time travel they do as they grow up. I am truly passionate about offering children an elegant timepiece, not only to keep track of time, but also to reduce some of their dependence of the cell phone.

"Time is the most precious thing we have, and it deserves an exclusive wrapping, to be worn with pride and kept as a great memory. Let a Torekovs watch be a memory for your child, grandchild or for someone else that you care for"