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A real watch is a piece of jewelry

Watches for children, young people and women

Watches for children, young people and our line Pärlhamn for women. All complementary watch bracelets from Torekovs watches are also shown here.

Children's watches and watches for children and young people from Torekovs!

"All children should have a watch when they start primary school," says Miss Lotta. Nevertheless, we notice that young people like to wear a really nice watch. "It's the only piece of jewelry I can have," says 14-year-old Isac.

We have taken no shortcuts when creating Torekov's children's watches. We chose to focus on quality during the entire production process and in all choices.

Children's watches and children's watches from Torekovs are available in two sizes. 28 mm for the little ones, and 33 mm for the bigger children and young people.

Torekov's children's watches have a classic slightly curved sapphire crystal glass that is basically impossible to scratch. The case is basically the best 316L steel. The underside that lies against the skin is 100% titanium and thus completely allergy-free.

All children's watches and watches for children and young people have quickly replaceable watch straps. You can easily buy one or a couple of extra watch straps in different materials. Choose from different colors in genuine leather or countless variations of watch bracelets in fabric (so-called nato) with real buckles.

  • All bank clocks and children's clocks from Torekovs have a 2-year warranty.
  • All watches are delivered free of charge within Sweden in nice gift boxes.
  • A Torekovs clock is a great gift for your child or grandchild!