Children's watch Torekovs Gold white

995 kr

Children's watch Torekov's Svarteskar in Gold is really, really nice. Gold and white is always nice, and in watch form it becomes a super exclusive option.

It is available in 2 sizes. The smaller (28 mm) which is suitable for children approx. 3-10 years. The larger one (33 mm) which is suitable for children and young people approx. 8-14 years. It also suits older people with small wrists.

Change band
For the children's watch Torekovs Guld, there are many nice color options for the watch bands in fabric (nato) as well as watch bands in genuine leather. It is very easy to change the band. The slightly older children can change the bands on Torekov's children's watches themselves!

There are many people who think it's great fun that you can change bands so easily! Some because you want to match before a special evening, some just because it's fun to get a "new" watch.

A children's watch doesn't just have to be smart - it can be a piece of jewelry too!

Review has just done a review of our watches. They also show how easy it is to change bands. Please take a look there! Review at

Have you thought about whether it is important to have good quality in a child's lock?

Yes it is! A watch for a child should be comfortable to wear. It must have an adapted size for both watch and watch bracelet.

In addition, Torekov's children's watches and wristwatches for children and teenagers are built with a displaced crown (hand switch). On our watches, the crown sits "at 2 o'clock" instead of at "3 o'clock" like on all other watches. This is to prevent the crown from pinching the children's skin on the top of the hand.

The contact surface against the skin (the underside of the watch) must be made of titanium or ceramic material. This is to ensure that the child does not develop a nickel allergy. It is very common for watches to be made of steel, but even the highest quality watches contain Nickel.

Children should be able to play with their watch on their arm, and the watch should withstand it! All Torekov's children's watches have glasses made of the best material you can have, sapphire crystal. It is basically as hard as diamond and impossible to scratch in play.

At school, they work on teaching children the clock in grades 1 to 3. It naturally helps if the children have already been introduced to the clock! And of course, a children's watch should have clear numbers!

We parents always want to help our children as much as we can, - but many have forgotten to help their children learn the clock.

Take care when the children have a birthday, start school, or when it's time for Christmas gifts; buy a real children's watch from Torekovs for your child or grandchild!

  • All Torekov watches have a 2-year warranty
  • All children's watches from Torekovs are delivered free of charge.
  • The watches are delivered in an exclusive box wrapped in tissue paper.
  • This watch most suitable for girls 3-14 years old, (or older with pretty wrists)
  • A really nice gift to give to children and grandchildren!

Material: Plated, stainless 316 L steel
Hands: Plated stainless steel
Glass: Scratch-resistant domed crystal sapphire glass
Back: Titanium
Movement: Miyota 2035 Quarts
Water resistance: 5 ATM
Bracelet: NATO strap with stainless steel buckle
Packaging: Luxurious white box and white leather cushion
Unisex: Yes
Warranty: 2 year warranty
Open purchase: 30 days from receipt of order
Availability: In stock, free shipping and fast delivery


28 mm
Case size: 28 mm
Bracelet width: 12 mm
Fits smaller children's wrists, approx. 3 to 10 years.

33 mm
Case size: 33 mm
Width bracelet: 16 mm
Fits children's wrists, approx. 8 to 15 years.

Shipping & Returns

Shipping: Free shipping
Delivery: 1-3 days delivery
Return: 30 days open purchase
Warranty: 2 year warranty


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Luxury gift boxes

All Torekov watches are delivered in a luxurious & stylish gift box. For each watch is also sent with a certificate of authenticity.

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