INSPIRATION: Think how nice it would be to give a gift to your child or grandchild that will last!


Children's watches and wristwatches for children and young people make a great gift!

Surely it is difficult to know what to give as a present for children and grandchildren? A really nice analog watch from Torekovs is a good alternative!

"It looks so luxurious and it goes perfectly with my favorite dress," said little Maria, 9 years old. Very cute and true.

"Our son got his Torekov watch a little over a year ago. We have added a brown leather watch band that he alternates between his dark navy nato band. He really loves his watch and never wants to take it off. Maybe it's because I myself always had a watch on me," says father Fredrik. 

Is quality important?

>Yes it is! Some simpler watches can't even withstand rain. They therefore also cannot tolerate that you accidentally forget your watch on your arm when you shower or jump into and play in a water sprinkler. So, make sure the children's watch you are looking at is water resistant! It should have a specification of 5 ATM or more.

>No watches should cause problems. Especially not watches for children and young people! If you are worried about developing a nickel allergy, the material on the underside of a watch should be Titanium or ceramic material. They are 100% nickel-free.

>Have you seen how most children's watches look on the glass just after a few weeks of use? Torn and scratched. This is because very many watches, perhaps the vast majority, have mineral glass. It is basically plastic and scratches extremely easily! Sometimes it can be worth spending "an extra penny" and getting better durability. So it is in this case. Sapphire crystal glass is virtually impossible to scratch and can withstand being pulled on the inside of the slide forever!

Children's watches and wristwatches for children and young people from Torekovs are truly one great gift to give!It's great for us at Torekovs to hear your stories or see your pictures! Keep writing to