Children's watches, youth watches and women's watches

Quality watches from Swedish Torekovs

A real watch is a piece of jewelry

Watches for children, young people and women

Watches for children, young people and our line Pärlhamn for women. All complementary watch bracelets from Torekovs watches are also shown here.

Watches for children, youth and women from Swedish Torekov's watches. An affordable premium brand. Best watch you can buy made for younger people.

The watches and watch bracelets are created from the ground up for children and young people. They have, among other things, adapted sizes, moved the crown so it cannot pinch, used 100% Hypoallergent Titan on the underside to be completely hypoallergenic. The watches are water resistant and have diamond-hard sapphire crystal glass!

The Torekov watches are distinguished by the different watch bracelets;

  • Youth watch Torekov's Pärlhamn is the most exclusive watch as it has a fantastically fine mesh strap attached to it. Torekov's Pärlhamn suits younger and older youth as well as mothers, grandmothers and grandmothers! You can also take a look at our page for Ladies' Watches only.
  • Children's watches and wristwatches for children Dagshög has super fine watch straps in genuine leather.
  • Children's watch and wristwatch for children Svarteskär is our series with nato straps (fabric) which in our vintage have stylish sleeves and real buckles to suit children and young people better.
Watches for children and young people from Torekovs are really great gifts for children and grandchildren on birthdays, the start of school and Christmas Eve - or just because you love them!

All our watches for children and young people have a 2-year warranty and are delivered with Free Shipping!