Skapandet av en unik barnklocka

Our history

The story of a fighter pilot who became a child watchmaker

Torekovs is founded and owned by Leif Göransson, an entrepreneur and pilot with roots from Norrland and with a heart in Skåne

Härlig bild där flickorna bär var sin Torekovs i 28 mm. Här ser vi bl a en Torekovs Skärhamn i Guld och mörkt marinblå nato, lika fin på pojkar som flickor!
year 1986

Torekovs, Skåne

The first time Leif came to Skåne was 1986, as he started his training to become a fighter pilot in the Swedish Airforce.

Over the years to come he made thousands of landings where the landing circuit passed over the beautiful fishing village of Torekov. He was always struck by the beauty of the landscape that Torekov and Bjärehalvön had to offer. He says: "It is absolutely beautiful no matter the season. Sparkling white in the winter, shining green in the spring, stunningly yellow in early summer, and warm red and gold in the fall". Skåne caught his heart, and he has not left the region since.

Torekovs klocka för barn är verkligen en perfekt present för de som vill ge något som finns kvar! Hur ofta har inte du skänkt en slant i födelsedag eller julafton? Det är en klok gåva ibland, men kanske inte alltid...? Torekovs klockor är en toppenpresent
"Det är så härligt, jag kan alltid använda min Torekovsklocka! Jag har olika band som jag byter emellan. Mitt helsvarta natoband är perfekt när jag är i stallet, men annars använder jag meshbandet eller vitt läder. Klockan ser ny ut fortfarande"
YEAR 2004

The love that inspired

Leif met the love of his life, Susanne, in 2004. She lived in Umeå in Northern Sweden at the time. He confesses that he thought it would be almost impossible for him to make her leave Umeå and says: "I knew I needed to be smart to impress her, so I decided to show her the most beautiful places I knew in Skåne. I took her to Torekov and Bjärehalvön".

He continues; "During one of our strolls along the coastline a great sea eagle swept over our heads. The mighty impression is evident, and I popped the question. “That must be a sign, even the birds want you to move down here to me". Susanne laughed and said: "Yes Leif, I will move to Skåne." (The memory of that moment and the eagle together with Leif wearing the pilot’s wings on his chest for more than 35 years is in fact the inspiration for the Torekovs logotype)

At that time Leif had left the Airforce to become a helicopter pilot flying Search and Rescue helicopter at one of their five bases in Sweden.

Barn och ungdomar tycker om att ha en riktig klocka! Här ser vi två pojkar där den ena ska försöka lära sig klockan under sommaren med en 28mm Dagshög, och den andre har klocka bara för att han älskar den! "Min Torekovsklocka är det enda smycket jag har"
Oj vad stolt man kan vara! :) Det gick en sommar sedan kunde Ragnar grunderna till klockan. Många år före han börjar skolan. "Han älskar sin klocka" säger mamma Sara.
Many years later

The birth of their son became the starting shot of Torekovs

Many years later when their son Bernhard was about to turn 9 years, Leif and Susanne came up with the idea of getting him a really nice watch. They wanted not only to find a watch that could teach Bernhard to keep track of time, but also make him proud of being introduced to the world of growing up. They wanted it to be his first jewel, an unforgettable memory. They got frustrated when they learned that there was no such watch on the market.

The more Leif thought about the lack of nice watches for children the more frustrated he got.

"Why are there no exclusive and pedagogic watches for kids?" He walked around saying "the schools spend years to teach children how to read a watch, but children have no real watches to wear

So, he decided to design and produce one. The idea of Torekovs, an exclusive pedagogic watch for children, was born.

“The hope is that more children will feel proud of the clock and time and that the clock will be a part of growing up. It would be fantastic to be able to contribute to fond memories, as well as pedagogy and that you might teach the children not to always use a mobile phone to keep time. I do not think it's useful.

Time is the most precious thing we have and deserves to be taken advantage of by being packaged exclusively, carried with pride and preserved as a fine memory "

Leif göransson, founder