Exclusive children's watches adapted for play & joy

Det är trevligt att bära matchande klockor! Torekovs Pärlhamn i guld lämpar sig lika bra för mammor som ungdomar. Här har flickan matchande Dagshög i Guld och vitt klockarmband i äkta läder. Båda känner sig lika fina!
"Jag önskar att alla barn hade en klocka när de börjar skolan", säger fröken Lotta. Hon berättar att de lägger nästan hela lågstadiet till att lära barn klockan - men nästan inga barn har en klocka! En barnklocka från Torekovs är ett toppenalternativ!

Watches, gift with class

A stylish premium watch is perhaps the best gift you can give your child or grandchild. A watch from Torekovs is a piece of jewelery they can wear for a long time and that remains.

The basis for Torekov's watches is that there are no nice watches for children. "All children should have a watch when they start primary school," says Miss Lotta Andersson, Helsingborg.

That's why we created watches children from Torekovs. We built on with watches for young people We understood that even young people lack a stylish, comfortable, unique watch. "A watch is the only piece of jewelery I can have," says 14-year-old Isac.

We said we wouldn't take any shortcuts when creating the watches. We chose to focus on quality during the entire production process of Torekov's Children's Watches.

The watches are available in 28mm for the little ones and 33mm for the bigger children, young people and women. The Torekov watches have a classic slightly curved glass in diamond-hard sapphire crystal and a beautiful high-gloss metal case. The back side that lies against the skin is 100% Hypoallergenic Titanium.

There are many watch bands in each size that you can quickly change to.

Torekov's watches for children and young people are a memory that lasts.

The Torekovs Pärlhamn series suits mothers, grandmothers and grandmothers just as well as young people. A unique ladies watch.

Sometimes it's fun to wear matching watches - or just choose a Pärlhamn for yourself because it's so nice! The clear numbers and size of the watch have many women expressing joy at finally being able to see what the watch is again.

The creators of Torekov's watches say;

"A Torekov's watch is built to last and with an intention to be one of those gifts you remember when you grow up and which you can pass on to your own children one fine day."

Visst är det härligt med glada barn! Ibland vill man ge dem något extra fint, något som finns kvar - och då är en klocka från Torekovs ett bra alternativ! Här ser vi två 9-åriga kompisar med varsin Torekovs Dagshög 28mm med band av äkta läder.
"Alla våra tre barn fick varsin klocka i skolavslutningspresent, de är så glada och stolta och tycker de är superfina", säger mamma Frida. På bilden är det största sonen som har en Dagshög i Guld och svart läder. "Sjukt snygg", säger han.

A watch adapted for play

A Torekov watch should not only be a jewel at a fine dinner, although it is very nice. A Torekovs watch works just as well in children's play. 

A children´s watch should be comfortable to wear, which is why Torekovs all watches are designed with a moved crown. It does not pinch the skin.

All watches have diamond hard 100 % sapphire crystal glass, which is the hardest glass you can get.

A child should not have their nice watch ruined if you happen to forget it on your arm when you jump in a pool, or play around water - therefore Torekov's watches are water resistant.

The nickel-free back in pure Titan is not only smart, but very comfortable against the skin.

Barnklocka Torekovs Svarteskär i guld med rosa klockarmband och gulddetaljer är en ljuvlig klocka till både små och stora tjejer! Den har tåligt och bekvämt tygband med fina spännen i guld.   Barnklockan Torekovs Svarteskär finns i 2 storlekar.

Delivered in nice gift boxes

It's fun to get something nice sometimes!

"I am so tired of always giving a toy that breaks, money or sports equipment. I was therefore so happy that I found your website and bought a very nice watch in light brown leather and a gold case. The grandson was super happy and wears it every day". Grandpa Dan expresses.

All Torekov watches are delivered in a luxurious white gift box lying on a white leather cushion.

"Torekovs – an exclusive gift to give, a nice present to receive."

“The hope is that more children will feel proud of the clock and time and that the clock will be a part of growing up. It would be fantastic to be able to contribute to fond memories, as well as pedagogy and that you might teach the children not to always use a mobile phone to keep time. I do not think it's useful.

Time is the most precious thing we have and deserves to be taken advantage of by being packaged exclusively, carried with pride and preserved as a fine memory "


A children´s watch is a great gift!

The Torekov watches are really a great gift. But it should not only be a nice piece of jewelry, it should also be comfortable to wear. For example, the switch button has been moved to the number 2 (normally placed on the number 3) so as not to pinch the top of the hand.

The underside of Torekov watches is completely free of nickel. They consist of 100% Hypoallergenic Titanium.

Water resistant

Torekov's watches are adapted for play and are water resistant. Our simple explanation is that a child should be able to forget the clock and jump in the shower or a lighter bath.

All children´s watches by Torekovs have the most precious glass there is to buy. Diamond hard sapphire chrystal glass.