Children's watches and wristwatches for children and young people

Why invest in an analogue watch for your children?

Surely it would be good if our children and young people could put down their mobile phones sometimes? All adults talk about how difficult it is to get control over the children's interest in mobile phones, or perhaps you should say mobile needs. But, what do we do to solve the problem?

Attracting children and young people into a mobile addiction is a goal of some of the world's largest companies. It sounds terrible, but it's true. Did you know that Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, banned his children from using iPads? "They are too addictive," he thought.

If you enjoy looking around at a bus station, airport, train station or subway - yes even at restaurants or people who are out for a walk - then you see the same thing; crouched heads with glowing cell phones in their hands... Do you think that's good?

Anders Hansen, doctor, psychiatrist and author of, among other things, Skärmhjärnan, writes as follows:

"Mental illness is taking over as the major health threat of our time. A fast pace, constant stress and a digital lifestyle with constant connectivity is starting to take its toll on our brains. Because as much as you like to check the image feed on Instagram, the news in the cell phone or movies on the tablet, your brain is not adapted to what today's society brings. It is simply out of sync with our times!"

So, what should we do? Why does the choice of watch for a child matter? Yes it does.

So, why should children's watches be analog?

Many parents today are looking for so-called smartphones for their children. You are attracted by the fact that you can easily call the children and talk to them. Maybe because it's fun. Or maybe just because you want to tell them to go home. You can send them messages, and the kids can learn to take pictures and send them home and in some cases to friends. It sounds like something fun, "you become a bit of an adult". But, as a parent, you actually start learning to become addicted to mobile phones, which you will certainly not like as the children grow up!

Should children be taught to always be connected? Do they feel good about it? "No," says Anders Hansen. Read his book, "Skärmhjärnan", Incredibly interesting!

We even wrote about it this spring blog.

That's why you shouldn't buy a smartphone for your child! Invest in a real analog watch for children instead! Try to delay the implementation of the always connected life. It is the best for the children's well-being.

When should you buy a watch for children?

Children's watches and wristwatches for children and young people are a great gift! During the children's first three years of school, they will learn a lot. One must, among other things, learn the alphabet, read and write. We parents usually support the imagination and create a nice time around books by reading in the evenings. But, have you thought about how often you sat with your children and worked with the clock? Do the kids even have a watch available? How many analog clocks do you parents have visible at home? What do we parents do to help our children learn the clock? 

That's why we exist - Torekov's children's watches and wristwatches for children and young people are educational and clear.


Children's watches and wristwatches for children and young people from Torekovs are created for children. They are built from the start to fit children and children's smaller wrists. The case of the watch is cast in the finest steel available, 316L steel, sometimes called surgical steel. However, no matter how good the steel is, it still contains nickel. Therefore, all children's watches from Torekovs are equipped with Hypoallergenic Titanium as the material that comes into contact with the skin.

The location of the crown is moved so that it cannot rub into the top of the hand. The watch straps are of the softest nato (fabric) with real buckles, real leather or the finest mesh you can buy.

It should be fun to wear your watch, then it will also be easier to learn it! Children like to have what their older sister, older brother, older friend, mother or father has. You want to feel big.

If the child feels good in his watch, he will use it. Children's watches from Torekovs are great!

To facilitate children's learning of the clock, it is appropriate to children get their first analogue watch at some point in connection with preschool. It's a simple way to support children and grandchildren - but also a very nice gift to give and something special to receive!

Can mothers buy a Torekovs?

We have been asked; "You make such wonderfully nice watches, but why do you talk so much about children and children's watches? I bought a Torekovs Pärlhamn and love it"

Of course that mothers fits perfectly in a Torekovs Pärlhamn. All other women as well, of course...! Torekovs Pärlhamn is a very cool, stylish, unique classic watch with clear numbers, which many older people like. But, the origin of Torekovs is that there was no really nice watch for children. And children need a real watch. So that's why we focus on that. 

Torekov's children's watches and watches for young people - a nice gift!

All watches from Torekovs are delivered in nice boxes where the watch rests on a small white leather cushion. The watches are personally inspected by the Torekov staff and are wrapped in tissue paper when they arrive.

Buy a Torekovs watch for your child or grandchild - it's a nice gift that they will get a lot of use and joy from!