Do you find it difficult to find the best gift for your child or grandchild? Do you also feel that it easily "a penny"? It is not fun to give money, and no matter how nice a hug you get when you leave an envelope with money, there is rarely any memory of the gift left.

Sometimes you want to give something special. Something lasting, a memory. If you also feel that way - then we have the best gift idea for your child: a really nice analog children's watch!

It's fun to give a piece of jewelry. It may be a gift that the child doesn't always use, but the child definitely feels extra nice wearing a piece of jewelry that you gave. A watch is a piece of jewelry. But, it is also so much more. Children must learn the clock. The school spends a lot of time helping, but - how many children have a watch?

If you buy a high-quality watch, your child or grandchild will be happy and feel good for many, many years. Think how nice it would be to grow up and have your watch as a memory of you, but also to be able to pass it on to your own children! Genuine, loving and nice.

Buy a high-quality premium watch for children. Best buy is a watch from Swedish Torekov's watches. Here you get a link; Torekov's children's watches

Quality watch children
What does a premium watch mean for children? A watch for children needs to be of really good quality in order for it to be useful for children to wear it, and for it to withstand children's play.

Cast in the best steel and underside of allergy-free Titanium
Torekov's watches for children and young people are cast from 316L steel. It is the best quality you can use and is the same quality as surgical instruments.

Nickel should generally be avoided in products that have skin contact with children. It is best if the contact surface of jewelery (belts, bracelets, watches) with skin is made of titanium or ceramic materials. Namely, they are hypoallergenic, i.e. completely allergy-free. All Torekov's watches have a titanium underside, which is therefore completely nickel-free.

Watch bands for children must breathe
You want a watch band on a children's watch to breathe. Children get hot, and not infrequently sweaty or wet. Condensation forms which leads to redness and sometimes eczema if the watch band does not breathe. Avoid plastic or tight rubber watch bands.

Watch straps in genuine leather or fabric, so-called nato, are the best option

Diamond-hard sapphire crystal glass
Sapphire crystal is one of the world's hardest materials. Closest to diamond in hardness. If you buy a watch with a sapphire crystal glass, you can be sure that your watch will not get scratches. The most exclusive watches for adults may have sapphire crystal glass. All watches from Torekovs as well.

Watches must be waterproof
Children are children. It is completely natural and obvious that they sometimes forget to take off their watch before jumping into a pool or getting into the shower after playing. Then the watch won't break.

All Torekovs watches can withstand 5 ATM, many call it water resistant to 50 m. We say that if you are not a scuba diver, or an elite level free diver, your Torekovs watch will work perfectly even if you choose to swim with it.

2 year warranty and free shipping
You are safe if you buy a watch from Torekovs as you have a 2-year warranty. Do you want to give a nice gift? Buy a watch here;

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