Have you thought about it, when should you buy a watch for your child? At school, they work on teaching children the clock during grades 1-3, so then it is good if you bought a clock for your child. It helps if the children have already been introduced to the clock and perhaps become curious, or even proud, that they are beginning to understand clocks and time.

During primary school, children have to learn a lot. One must, among other things, learn the alphabet, read and write. We parents usually support the imagination and create a nice moment around books and the alphabet by reading fairy tales to our children. But what do we do to help them learn the clock?

How can parents help teach their children the time?
Children are curious! A good way to teach children about the clock is to create an interest, make the clock something fun. Reading fun, educational books about the clock for the children is a good idea.. The website "1 mljonboktips.se" has produced a top list and here are three book tips:

1. Learn the Clock with Greta the Pig (2018)
2. Learn the Clock: Lekande lätt (2020) (3-6 years)
3. Learn the Clock: Lekande lätt (2020) (3-6 years)

They are really nice books that amuse the children at the same time as they learn the clock in a completely relaxed way and at the right age!


Can something more be done to teach children about the clock?
Yes, you can help your child at school by buying a real analog children's watch, the best suggestion is a children's wristwatch from Torekov's children's watches!

Today it is not obvious to wear a watch, "you have a mobile phone after all". But, is it good? No, it is not.

Buying a children's watch is not a big investment.
Make sure that a watch for children is comfortable to wear and educationally clear. In school, analog clocks ie clocks with second, minute and hour hands are the basis of knowledge, so we suggest the same.

Sometimes you are looking for a piece of jewelry for your child or grandchild. Buying a nice watch is a great option. They are not only something beautiful but also wise - and often a nice symbol that you are starting to get bigger. And who doesn't want to feel big when they're small...?

So, top tip - after you decide to teach your child to read the clock - go here and buy the best clock; Torekov's watch children

Good luck! :)

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