No, mobile phones are not useful for children! The answer is not more difficult than that. Research shows that mobile phones fascinate and stress young people. Experts point to the link between cell phones and the avalanche-like increase in anxiety among children, adolescents and adults.

"The screen brain", by Anders Hansen
I have just read two fantastic books by Anders Hansen, Senior Physician in Psychiatry and well-known expert on TV. The books were the hit "Skärmhjärnan" and the version for the younger audience, "Skärmhjärnan Jr", (Audiobook). I think it's absolutely amazing how someone can so simply explain the brain and why we humans function and react the way we do!

He writes: "When the smart phones ended up in every other pocket, we suddenly had access to an amazing world of possibilities just a click away. But what does hour after hour of screen time really do to our and - perhaps most importantly - our children's and young people's brains?", Anders Hansen, Screen Brain JR, 2021.

The social media apps are created to build a need, and Anders Hansen likens the craving for mobile phones to drug addiction. He explains how mobile phones create stress, anxiety and difficulty concentrating.

Why do we give children a cell phone?
Does it make it easier for the parents if the child has a mobile phone? Yes, it can be. To be honest, many of us parents may think that it is "very convenient to give the child some surfing time" - perhaps to prepare time for cooking, cleaning or resting - but sometimes it may be to get some own time with the mobile phone. .. When you read Anders Hansen's books, I can for the first time understand the extreme fascination that we humans have for mobile phones and tablets. All the patterns of how one app leads us into the other app, and the unfocused child's behavior when doing homework is explained.

Is it good to give your child a mobile phone as early as when they are 7-8 years old? (Or, even younger...) Should we parents so lightly give them something that is demonstrably not good for them? No, we shouldn't!

We parents are resourceful and can hide our decisions behind clever evasions. I often hear "it's so good to have a mobile phone because then the child knows what time it is". But, if the excuse for giving your child a cell phone is "so they know what time it is," then I have another suggestion:

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Don't fall for the temptation to give your child a cell phone early. "Everyone else has a cell phone" does not hold up as an argument. Take and read Anders Hansen's books and take responsibility. The children have no chance to resist. We adults have the responsibility.

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