Yes, it is important to have good quality on a children's watch!

Water resistance
Some simpler watches cannot withstand rain, let alone that you accidentally forget the watch on your arm while showering or playing in a water sprinkler. So make sure a children's watch is water resistant.

5 ATM is a sufficient level of water resistance. Then it can withstand swimming but is not a diving watch. Higher ATM gives a thicker watch and is then directly more uncomfortable for a child.

Nickel allergy
If you are worried about developing a nickel allergy, the material on the underside of children's watches should be titanium or ceramic material. They are 100% nickel-free.

Steel, even of the highest quality, contains nickel.

Quality of children's watches
It's sad when the glass on watches gets scratched. Most simpler watches have mineral glass. It is basically plastic and scratches extremely easily. Sometimes it can be worth spending "an extra penny" and getting better durability. Sapphire crystal glass is as hard as diamond and virtually impossible to scratch. A sapphire crystal glass can withstand being pulled on the inside of the slide forever. The most exclusive watches for adults have sapphire crystal glass. Torekov's children's watches have it too.

Nice to wear
Surely you have experienced that the crown, the change button for the hands, has pinched you on the top of your hand? It can really hurt. Perhaps we adults can learn to put up with it, "because the watch is beautiful and the switch buttons make it so". But children don't want to be in pain. They don't have to stand out. They also don't want to be in pain. If the watch is not comfortable to wear, the child will not want to wear it either.

Torekov's watches have their switch button at 2 o'clock, ie - it does not pinch on the top of the hands. That's what we call good quality in children's watches!

Watch strap that breathes
Opt for a watch with a watch strap that breathes. Plastic and rubber generate moisture against the children's skin. Some get a rash, but above all it becomes uncomfortable. Opt for a children's watch with a watch strap in nato or perhaps preferably really soft leather.

For those at Torekov's children's watches and wristwatches, the quality of children's watches is extremely important! They have only invested in the best materials they could find. Our tip, go in and buy these; Clock children.

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June 16, 2022 — Leif Göransson

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