Women's watch from Swedish Torekov's watches, is it suitable? Yes, a Torekov watch is a great looking watch for both younger and older women!

We often get the question "you advertise that Torekovs is a watch brand for children and young people - but can't we grown women buy a Torekovs watch?"

Of course you can!

The origin of Torekov's watches was that there weren't really nice watches to buy for children. But as it has turned out, Torekov's Mother of Pearl series in particular has been appreciated by women, mothers, grandmothers and grandmothers.

Torekov's Pärlhamn is a super stylish ladies' watch.
Annika, 42 years old, expresses "a unique watch that not everyone has". "I'm super handsome in my Torekov watch Pärlhamn Gold!"

Torekov's Pärlhamn is a very nice watch ladies! Feel free to stop by the fashion oracle Jenny Boldsen, Fru Stilista at Råå. She is one of Sweden's leading stylists, and she chooses Torekov's watches!

Mothers have often bought a Torekovs Pärlhamn in connection with buying a children's watch for their younger child, buy here: Children's watch. It's very nice. It is also a smart set to interest the children in learning the clock!

Older women have also come to love Torekov's watches. They often have a nice watch that they got when they were young. But they find it difficult to use it. Clocks at that time were small in size. The numbers, to the extent that there were any, extremely unclear. So that's why older women have appreciated and bought Torekov's Pärlhamn! Not only do they get a stylish, exclusive, watch that is comfortable to wear, they can also see what time it is thanks to clear numbers and hands! Women's watch from Torekovs for both younger and older women.

Torekov's Pärlhamn with its mesh straps can easily be resized. They fit children's narrow wrists as well as adult women's wrists. The leather and nato watch straps are created for children's wrists and only work for narrow adult wrists.

  • All Torekov watches have a 2-year warranty.
  • Free shipping on all watches within Sweden.
Tip: Torekov's Pärlhamn, a superb ladies' watch of the highest quality. A great gift!

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