Watches children best guide! It can be difficult to choose a watch for a child. You want to give a children's watch that looks nice and that the child likes. But you also want to give a wristwatch made for children that is clear, educational and durable.

Here is what you should consider when buying a children's watch.

Children's watches should be comfortable to wear.

Children grow quickly and you naturally want the watch to bring joy for several years. Consider your child's age, wrist size and what the child does in his spare time. The watch should sit comfortably on the wrist. Therefore, choose a watch that does not have a clear crown that cuts into the top of the child's hand. If a child gets the slightest bit of pain, they will never want to wear a watch again.

In our guide to children's watches, we recommend a watch bracelet made of fabric, so-called nato, rubber or leather for children between 4-12 years of age.

Invest in a children's watch of really good quality.

Not all children develop a nickel allergy because they are exposed to close contact with steel, but all steel contains nickel. Therefore, choose a watch with a titanium or ceramic underside.

A children's watch must withstand children's play. Do not choose a children's watch with mineral glass. It is not fun to see the watch glass scratched in just a few weeks. Choose a watch with sapphire glass. It will be slightly more expensive, but the glass of that watch will be as scratch-free when the child grows up as when he got his watch.

Here you have a link to a really high-quality children's watch for your child or grandchild!; Children's watch from Torekovs.

Why not a smart watch for children?

Is the purpose of buying a children's watch to introduce the child to mobile phones as early as possible? Yes, then a smartwatch could be the right choice.

But if you as a parent have heard and understood how mobile dependent children have become and all the negative effects mobile use has on our children - then maybe you don't want to buy a smart watch for your child?

The trend to buy a smart watch for children is big. Companies are fighting for the opportunity to sell in functions such as the child being able to take photos, send text messages and ring their watch. Some brands also sell watches for children that can be surfed on. There are companies that seriously put restrictions on how you can use your child's smartwatch - but... in an extension, you have still introduced your child to the fascination of connectivity and mobile phones.

Read psychologist Anders Hansen's book, "Skärmhjärnan". He explains there how stress-affected we humans are by mobile phone use. Buying a smartwatch for your child will attract the child to the world of mobile phones. It's exciting and fun, but not useful.

Invest in a real quality analog children's watch

Try to resist the children's desire for mobile phones and smart watches as long as possible. For their well-being.

Find a children's watch that the child feels good in.

Children think it's fun to feel pretty. Find a watch that gives the child the feeling of wearing a piece of jewelry and you will have a child who enjoys learning about the watch.

Some children want to choose their own clothes and find it exciting to dress up nicely. Then you can choose a children's watch with easily replaceable watch straps. In this way, you can quickly change the appearance of the watch. It gives both more joy to the watch and it is a good idea of ​​sustainability.

When should children get their first watch?

Surely you remember when you sat in school and had to learn the clock? It was fun learning the clock! It's the same now, and the curriculum isn't much different from when we were little. But, the difference is that fewer and fewer children have their own watch. In addition, we adults rarely have analog clocks in our homes. How then can the children learn to read the time?

We recommend that you buy an analog watch for your child. It's not just a piece of jewelry. It is something that helps the child in school and in his development. A children's watch is a really nice gift for a child starting preschool or first grade!

Buy an analog children's watch as a gift.

Choose an analogue watch for your child as a birthday present, Christmas present, back to school – or just as a smart gift because you love them. Don't introduce children to mobile phones by being tempted to buy your child a smart watch.

Tip: the Swedish premium watch Torekovs

It will be slightly more expensive to purchase, but they will last the children's entire upbringing. If you also choose a watch with replaceable bands, the child can change the color and material as the child grows up.

No other watch manufacturer for children has invested as much in quality. You can get children's watches and watches for young people in gold, silver, rose and black.

Here you get a link:

A really nice analog watch is a great gift for children and grandchildren!

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