Smartwatch for children - of course it's good! They can take pictures of their friends and send them on! They can send and receive messages. You can call them, and some they can actually surf on... Then you get GPS information so that you can safely let them go home from school and follow them via their mobile phone and have coffee ready when they get home! It must be good, or...?

Maybe not just good?

When the adult generation embraced mobile phones as an almost sacred possession, the sales effort shifted to the young. It was then no longer enough to take over the parents' abandoned mobile phones - they had to buy new mobile phones with the possibility to play games and create/maintain their social contacts. You could say that the multinational giants and the companies that created the social apps have succeeded. Today, as a parent of teenagers, it is next to impossible to get control over the young people and their mobile habits.

Now it's the children's turn...

So, now you have found a completely new target group that you can sell the need to be connected to! Or rather, parents of a completely new target group.

Selling on parents' concerns

Have you perhaps considered a smartwatch for your child? "Don't you want to know where your child is?", "Feel safe, follow your child on the mobile when he goes home from school."

Because that's mainly how it is, you turn to the parents. It is not shameless to sell on the worries and nightmares that all parents have; to have their child kidnapped or run away. But, maybe we adults somewhere should consider an alternative to having a smartwatch on their child to solve this?

Tip; buy a really nice analog children's watch instead of a smartwatch for your child.

Do not leave children unattended!

Whenever you are at an activity with the children, at the beach, or in the playground - treat yourself to looking at the adults around you. I'll be surprised if you don't come back and say that half of all adults sit and look at their cell phone instead of their child! How could it be like that? Well, cell phones and their programs are designed to fascinate. It is not intended that one should manage to put them down.

There are adults today who buy a smartwatch for their child so that they can have more "own time". The control through the mobile app gives a false sense of security. Help them out by speaking up when you see it!

Spend time with your child!

When you are free, spend time with your child. Play in the playground, take a cozy walk in the forest, read books on the couch, bake chocolate balls. Don't be fooled into the possibility of following your child remotely by buying a smartwatch for your child. Do children really need to learn how fun it is to talk on the phone? Or how exciting it is to send and receive pictures?

Do kids really need a smartwatch?

We live in an increasingly stressed world. Not infrequently, stress at a young age leads to anxiety. Many experts link stress and anxiety to mobile phones . Today, many people spend a great deal of time in front of a screen. Not infrequently on a mobile phone, but otherwise at a computer or TV. With a smartwatch, it becomes unintentionally even more so. The earlier you are introduced to the fascinating mobile world, the more the habit of being connected settles in.

"According to a survey conducted by American psychology professor Jean M Twenge, the well-being of young people has steadily declined since 2012. That turning point came in the same year as the milestone that every second American had an iPhone.", excerpt from

But, isn't a smartwatch good for when the kids get home from school?

No, not if you compare it to the child going home with an adult or older sibling! It must always be the first choice. Put the security in knowing where the child is in relation to the countless accidents that can happen on the way home. Children's brains are not developed to see danger the way adults do. Even less have they been able to learn to understand the risks that exist around them on a sidewalk or cycle path. It doesn't have to be obvious dangers like traffic crossings, it's enough that the child happens to take a step in the wrong direction when a young person with an electric kick bike and headphones on his head is going to drive by.

"Well, no matter what, it's useful to know what time it is so they can match the time".

Hm, then I have another suggestion. Buy a really nice analog children's watch or youth watches instead. Our best tip is; buy a children's watch from Swedish torekovs!

It is right not to bet on many Christmas presents. Still, it's nice to give something that stays when they grow up.

But remember - the best thing you can give a child is always your time!



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