En barnklocka är bästa presenten till skolavslutningen

Bäst present till skolavslutningen

Bäst present till skolavslutningen, vad kan det vara? Vi har ett förslag; köp en riktigt fin klocka till ditt barn! Många barn saknar en klocka. Har ditt barn en? Tänk hur mycket tid man lägger i skolan på att lära barnen klockan, men nästan inga barn har en. Läs mer här!
Klockarmband barn äkta läder

Klockarmband barn

Klockarmband barn, vad ska man tänka på? Vad är bäst köp? Här följer kloka råd. Läs mer här!

Analog children's watch or smartwatch and mobile phone?

Analog watch, or smartwatch/mobile phone - which is best? Here are the best tips to keep in mind! Read more!
Klockor barn från Torekovs

Children's watches from Torekovs

Children's watches from Torekovs, a premium watch children If you are looking for a really nice birthday present, Christmas gift, or gift for graduation - then a watch from Torekovs is a great gift! Read more

Present till barn och ungdomar


Gifts, surely it is difficult to find the right one? You want to give something special, something that remains, preferably a gift that also contributes to something. read more here
Klocka barn från Torekovs

Which children's watch is best?

Only one watch can be the best children's watch. What should you consider? Here you get the best advice on children's watches. Read more !
Mini Me barnklocka

Mini Me och barnklocka

Of course it would be nice to buy a nice ladies watch for you and a matching premium children's watch for the child! Read more !

Klocka Dam i Guld från svenska premiummärket Torekovs.

Women's watch from Torekovs

Fancy a new ladies' watch? Do you want a clear classic watch, or just something unique? Have you read about Torekov's clock Ladies? Read more!

Klocka barn från svenska Torekovs

Clock children

Are you looking for a watch for your child? There are big differences, what should you consider? Read more!
Barnklocka Rosé

Clock Rosé from Torekovs

"A rosé watch kind of has the feeling of gold, but still a bit of mischief and special finesse." Torekovs has insanely stylish rose watches for young and old. Read more!

Barnklocka Silver

Clock Silver from Torekovs

It is not easy to find a good gift for children. Surely you feel that sometimes you want to find something special? Something that the children can keep as a memory. Read more
Barnklocka Guld

Watch Gold from Torekovs

"You look rich in it," said a 12-year-old girl. And that's probably right, Torekov's watches for children in Gold look expensive, and feel special to wear. Read more!