When buying a watch for your child, which children's watch is best? The school spends almost 3 years of curriculum education on teaching children the clock. You then work with an analog clock. So we can start there, the best buy for your child is an analog watch .


For a child to want to wear a watch, the watch must be comfortable on the arm. Children want their watch bands tight to prevent the watch from twisting. Therefore, you want a watch bracelet for your child that is made of soft genuine leather or fabric, so-called nato.

Opt for plastic or tight rubber watch bands. Imagine an active child with a plastic watch bracelet during a hot summer game or in rain or water, moisture forms and thus the risk of redness, rashes and itching. Then the child will not want to wear their new watch any more.

Watch quality

Look for a watch that is cast from 316L steel. It is the best steel. You want to avoid nickel allergy at all costs. It is something that children can get when they come into contact with nickel-containing jewellery. For example, bracelets, rings, earrings or watches. It is often about simpler, cheaper products.

To absolutely exclude nickel, a child's watch must have a titanium or ceramic underside. They are completely hypoallergenic.

Glass children's watch

The glass of a children's watch must endure a lot of wear and tear. Simpler watches have glasses made of mineral glass or plastic. Do you want your child's watch to withstand the watch being pulled towards the inside of the slide, when falling in the gravel or just children's simple everyday life with impacts most of the time? Then there is only one glass that lasts; sapphire crystal glass. The main manufacturers of the most expensive watches such as Rolex have sapphire crystal glasses.

Waterproof watch children

A child will forget to take off their watch when the sprinkler goes on in the summer, or if a friend is quick to jump in the pool and they want to jump in.

Then it is important to have a waterproof watch. Kids don't need a watch made for sport divers. Waterproof 5 ATM is enough for a children's watch.

Stylish children's watch

In principle, regardless of age, girl or boy, people like to feel nice. If you are looking for which children's watch is the best, then you also have to consider that the children should feel stylish with their watch.

Hope you got some tips on what to look for when you want to know which children's watch is best!

Another tip is to go to this website; https://torekovs.se/ There you will find children's watches that suit your child! The newspaper Villanytt made a report about them in their December issue. Link here; Villa new December , 2022.

Torekov's watches children:

  • Watch strap in soft genuine leather and fabric (nato)
  • Watch in best 316L steel with underside of 100% Titanium.
  • Sapphire crystal glass.
  • Waterproof 5 ATM

Their watches are available in high-gloss Gold, Silver or Rose. Tougher guys and girls can choose watches in matte black and graphite.

Torekov's watches come home with free shipping and they leave a 2-year warranty.

Maybe you want to match your child? They also sell super stylish ladies' watches in the same line. Look here, Clock Ladies from Torekovs.

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