Of course, it would be nice to match your child with a nice ladies' watch for you and a children's watch for the child!
You become a role model for the child, and the child gets a smart piece of jewelry with class.

Analog watches in premium class

Torekov's watches offer watches for children, youth watches and women's watches. Analog watches in premium class at a comparatively very good price.

Buying a children's watch for your child can be the best gift you can give. All children must learn the clock. The school spends almost 3 years teaching the children the clock. But, how many children have a children's watch on their arm?

Consider this

What is important to consider when buying a watch for your child?

  • A children's watch should be comfortable to wear.
  • A children's watch must be durable and withstand children's play, sapphire crystal glass means that it cannot be scratched.
  • A children's watch must withstand water, at least 5 ATM.
  • A children's watch must of course be educational and analog.
  • Last, but not least – a children's watch should feel good for the child.

Children's watches from Torekovs have thought of all that. Therefore, a watch from Torekovs is a good buy.

Nice with Mini me

Mini me - usually with clothes - but it's a great idea to be inspired by also with watches. It's super cute to have matching watches. Torekov's women's watch feels exclusive and is very affordable, and the children's watches are consistently of top quality. Think how nice it would be to go to dinner with matching watches and similar tops on top! There are matching watches for both boys and girls, big and small.

Torekov's watches come as Gold watch, Silver watch, Black watch and Rose watch. All have an allergy-free underside in pure titanium and diamond-hard sapphire crystal glass.

You can choose watch straps in soft nato or genuine leather for all children and young people, as well as straps in the finest mesh for the elderly.

Buying a children's watch is smart

Helping your child know the time and showing that it is nice to wear a real watch is both a nice and smart idea. Should you buy a women's watch and match the mini me to your child, we are convinced that it will be a success! Here you go in and find watches for your child; Torekov's watches children .

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