Women's watch from Torekov's watches. A premium watch designed for young people that has become popular among young and older women. Exclusive, luxurious, comfortable to wear, and affordable!

Sometimes you want to renew yourself and buy something for yourself. Sometimes you want to buy something for someone you love. Torekov's Pärlhamn women's watch is a beautiful piece of jewelry for all occasions.

Torekov's women's watch is unique. It has clear numbers, yet feels exclusive to wear. Perfect for women of all ages.

Premium quality

The Swedish company Torekovs from Bjäre has succeeded in producing a quality watch in a top segment among automatic watches.

The ladies' watches are cast in the best 316L steel, but to exclude the risk of creating a nickel allergy, they at Torekov's watches have chosen to put titanium on the underside. Titanium is hypoallergenic, i.e. there is no risk of allergic problems in the future.

A nice watch should be waterproof. All Torekov's watches can withstand 5 atmospheres of pressure, i.e. approx. 50 meters of water depth. You should not have to take off your watch if you want to take a nice bath or a cooling shower.

The slightly domed glass of Torekov's Klocka Dam is made of diamond-hard sapphire crystal glass. The most common thing is that watches have mineral glass, which is easily scratched. But not Torekov's watches, where they have invested in the same quality as the market's most expensive brands.

Buy a new women's watch as a birthday gift, Valentine's Day gift, mother's day gift - or a nice gift just because you deserve it!

Good price

Torekov's watches have given the Pärlhamn series an extremely good price in relation to quality. The pricing is set that way because the target group was basically young people. Torekovs wanted to give more young people the opportunity to get a nice watch. This means that we women will also get that advantage!

You can only buy Torekov's watches online in the webshop www.torekovs.se or in their own pop-up stores mainly on the Bjäre Peninsula. No middlemen to make money.

It is important for children to learn the clock, and having a clock is of course the foundation. Maybe it is that you may find it nice to have matching watches with your son or daughter? We think it's very charming, and are convinced that the children think the same. Look here; watches children .

Perfect for the elderly

All women want to feel beautiful. Don't forget our seniors! My grandmother herself had a jewelry watch with a small dial and Latin numerals. Grandma got it when she was young, but hasn't been able to tell what time it is for many, many years. She has always worn it, until she got a ladies Torekovs Pärlhamn watch in Gold from me. She was so happy to finally be able to see the time again! Grandma loves her watch and is so happy with her change.

Torekov's Pärlhamn watch for women is available in Gold, Silver, Rosé and in cheeky Black. Which variant do you choose?

PS Did you know that all watches from Torekovs have a 2-year warranty and are delivered with free shipping?

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