Watch child, a forgotten piece of jewelry! Children want to feel beautiful. Children must learn the clock. We adults like to limit children's mobile use. Of course you should buy a watch for your child!

What is the best children's watch?

So what is the best watch for your child? Is it a smartwatch, a digital watch – or an analogue watch?

"Buying a good analog children's watch is the best buy!" That's the answer you if you ask elementary school teachers. Miss Lotta in Helsingborg, who has grades 1-3, says: "Without a doubt, you should choose an analog clock for your child. I have problems following the school curriculum and teaching the children the clock as they rarely or never come across an analogue clock".

Buying an analog watch for your child is helping them in school, as well as giving them a beautiful piece of jewelry.

Best smartwatch for kids

Right now there is a lot of talk about Smartwatches for children. Isn't that good then?

If you think about it as an adult, what do you think? Are you buying that watch to help the child learn to keep time? Do you buy it because it is flexible and comfortable to wear? Or do you buy a smartwatch for your child because he thinks it's fun to talk in it and use it as a phone? Maybe to let the child walk home from school by himself so you can have coffee ready when they arrive, and keep an eye on the child on your mobile?

The allure of being able to support your child from a distance should not be the basis for buying a smartwatch when choosing a watch for your child. You can see where the child is, but can you see the road users around? It doesn't have to be cars, what if your child accidentally walks out in front of a teenager on an electric scooter?

We adults have so much that we are expected to do. Then we might also want to have some "own time". But, don't buy a smartwatch to be able to keep in touch with your child remotely. Try to create the time to accompany your child to and from school or the school bus yourself.

You also don't want to teach your child that using a mobile phone/smartwatch is fun. Then you will have 10 years of problems with being able to limit your teenager from constantly sitting with his cell phone. It's probably hard anyway. Do not encourage prematurely. Do everything you can to delay the child's mobile debut. We are continuously surrounded by radiation. Are we sure they are useful? The Steel Protection Foundation says time and time again that it is not. Link .

Watches children - a piece of jewelry

Clocks for children do best as analog. It is the basis of learning. Investing in a really nice children's watch as a gift on the day you want to buy a piece of jewelry or just give a gift that you want to keep is a good idea!

New Swedish Torekov's children's watches make high-quality watches for children and young people.

They are classically stylish and are available as a gold watch, silver watch, rose watch, and black watch for both boys and girls.

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(Article jenny bengtsson's blog)

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