Watch Rosé watch children and watches for youth are for many the most exclusive watch they can find.

It's so nice that Torekovs offers a palette of gold, silver, black and rose on their children's watches. "There should be a favorite watch for everyone," they say. But, there is something special about rosé watches... They kind of have the feeling of gold, but still a bit of mischief and special finesse.

Alternative watch bands

Rosé and white are a crazy nice combination. At Torekovs, you can choose many different colors for the watch bracelets, which are available in fabric (so-called nato), genuine leather and the finest mesh. If you choose to buy a rosé watch, you can only choose a white or black fabric strap, or white genuine leather. This means that the options are fewer, but maybe that's why it's a little extra exclusive?

Children's watches in rosé are available in both sizes 28 mm and 33 mm. If you are quirky and have slightly older children, youth, the best buy is to bet on a Torekovs Pärlhamn in rosé. It's the only way to access the softest mesh band I've had on my arm. (What is significant for Pärlhamn)

My favorite choice

I myself have chosen a Torekovs Pärlhamn rosé watch for myself. I had bought a 28 mm pink children's watch for my daughter before, but when I saw it I ordered a 33 mm pink Pärlhamn and it was really super nice! It was a breeze to adjust the watch band, and I don't have very narrow wrists.

Quality watch!

It is unique to be able to buy a children's watch where so much care has been taken with the choice of material.

Being able to buy a children's watch with genuine, homogeneous sapphire crystal glass is fantastic. The children can go as much as they want on the slide and scratch the sides, the glass will be as scratch-free when they become adults as when they just got their watch in rosé..

Torekovs has chosen to put a Titanium underside on all their rose watches. It is uniquely good. How many does it have today? I think Breitling has it on some watch types, but not many others. But Torekov's watch in rosé certainly has it too! (Yes, and all other watches from Torekovs too)

2 year warranty

All watches for children and young people from Torekovs have a 2-year warranty. It is good. It is safe to know that your gift can withstand use.

Free shipping

Children's watches from Torekovs have free shipping within the EU. They don't have the cheapest watches, but the finest and of the best quality. Then it feels good that they don't charge for shipping.

I can only say that our watches are super nice. The daughter was overjoyed when she got to open her gift box and we get lots of compliments on our matching watches!

(Thanks to Article from Jenny Bengtsson's blog)

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