Silver watch from Torekovs for your child or grandchild - it's a super nice and wise gift!

It is not easy to find a good gift for children and young people. Surely you feel that sometimes you want to find something special? Something that the children can keep as a memory.

We have a great suggestion!

Buy a really nice exclusive analog children's watch from Torekov's watches! The watches are extremely well made with only the best material choices. They are super stylish as well as classic!

Many children and young people like Torekov's gold and rose gold watches. Probably because it looks luxurious. We think the watches in silver are just as luxurious! Perhaps something more sober, but for many, absolutely perfect!

Good quality is important - the underside of the watch

Torekov's children's watches are cast in the finest steel you can find, so-called 316L steel. Many call it surgical steel because it is the steel used for medical instruments. But, even if they used the best you can have, Torekovs also choose to put 100% Titanium on the underside. This is because all steel contains nickel. So to ensure that no children can develop a nickel allergy, Torekov's children's watches use the hypoallergenic Titan. That is, all silver watches from Torekovs have an allergy-free underside.

Good quality is important – the glass of the watch

Sure, it's fun when things are new and shiny. But, of course, it's sad when products quickly lose their luster, or glass gets scratched!

The vast majority of watches on the market, even for adults, have glasses made of mineral glass. It's basically plastic. When you think about it, you also understand why glass for watches, for example, is so very sensitive.

The finest watches you can buy, for example Breitling, Rolex or IWC, have sapphire crystal glass. It is such a hard glass that only diamond matches its hardness. In principle, it is impossible to scratch sapphire crystal.

All Silver watches, and all other Torekov children's and youth watches, have homogeneous sapphire crystal glass.

Good quality is important - water resistance

Many of the most successful companies that sell watches for adults have chosen to have a water resistance of 3 ATM. You then have the option of making the watch really thin. However, those watches basically cannot be worn when it is raining outside.

There are also adult watches that are made for deep diving, which is a super cool activity – but maybe kids' watches don't need to be made for that?

Torekovs has chosen to have a water resistance of 5 ATM. This means that a child can forget the watch when they jump in the pool or when they shower after gymnastics. They think that is a good level. We agree. The children's watch in silver from Torekovs is water resistant! All watches for children and young people from Torekovs have a 2-year warranty.

Good quality is important - convenience

Surely you have been involved in giving away something that you notice is not comfortable to wear, or to wear? The super nice shoes that were way too hard, or the sweater that was sticky.

Buying a clunky watch, or a watch that has a switch that cuts into the top of your hand, is not smart. If you buy a Torekovs silver watch for children, you know that the watch is comfortable to wear. The watches are built so that the switch button is located at 2 o'clock of the watch case. The button never comes close to the child's skin.

In addition, all watches for children from Torekov have soft watch straps. Regardless of whether you choose fabric straps (so-called nato), genuine leather or mesh, the watches are great to wear.

When do children learn the clock?

All children must learn the clock in primary school, grades 1-3. A lot of study time is spent teaching the children the clock. But, how many children wear a watch? It is not so easy to learn the clock if you do not own a clock yourself.

Buy a nice analog clock from and make it easier for your child to learn the clock!

A good children's watch is a great gift! It is a wise gift as well as a beautiful piece of jewelry!

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