Gold watch from Torekovs gives children and young people a really good feeling of exclusivity.

"You look rich in it," said a 12-year-old boy. And that's probably right, Torekov's watches for children in Gold look expensive, and feel special to wear. Torekov's watches for children and young people are a classically beautiful children's watch that makes a special impression and can withstand use.

Torekov's children's watches are exclusive

Already when the watches are delivered, the buyer gets the feeling that it is a special watch. They come in an exclusive white box and rest on a white leather cushion. If you are going to give a watch from Torekovs, you don't have to worry about whether the watch will feel special to receive. Children and young people love it!

That's also the point, it's special to wear Torekov's children's watch . Even children and young people want to feel stylish, and they do that with a Gold watch from Torekovs!

Of course, children should have a real analog watch. The school needs help. They spend a lot of time during elementary school teaching our children the clock. And it's not easy when they don't have anyone.

Older children should have a watch because it's nice, but also because you as a parent can say that they can leave the mobile phone at home! It is good to learn to keep time only on your wristwatch. It is extremely easy for children to get stuck in the phone just because they took it out of their pocket. "I'm just going to check something quick…." If you have older children, you recognize it. And know that it rarely happens quickly...

Children's watches with many alternative watch bands

Torekov's watch gold is available in two sizes. 28 mm for the smaller boys and girls, 33 mm for those who are a little older up to teenagers.

Torekov's Pearl Harbor in Gold is the only gold watch that has a mesh watch band, which is a metal band. The feel of the Pärlhamns series is really premium, and those watches are also very suitable for older girls, mothers, grandmothers and grandmothers!

There are a large number of watch bracelets to choose from for your gold watch!

First of all, all bands in soft fabric, so-called nato. In Torekov's version, all nato bands have real buckles and sleeves, which are also in gold. It is important to have real buckles so that the children find the watches comfortable. The NATO straps, which give the watches the collection name Svarteskär, are available in colors from whitest white to blackest black.

Gold watch from Torekovs is also available with watch bracelet in genuine leather. You then have a choice of black with gold buckle, light brown with gold buckle and white with gold buckle. The latter is currently one of the favorites of girls, young and old. It is also the individual watch bracelet that is mainly sold to those who bought a Torekovs Pärlhamn with mesh as an extra watch bracelet to change to sometimes.

Feel free to take a look here and see how easy it is to change the strap on Torekov watches .

A real children's watch is a nice gift

Buying a really nice analog watch from Torekovs is a really nice gift. The watches are of the highest quality. The glass is of diamond-hard sapphire glass, the case of the best 316L steel. Nevertheless, they have chosen to put 100% titanium on the underside to minimize the risk of developing a nickel allergy. The watches can withstand water up to 5 atmospheres of pressure. They usually describe it as not being diving watches made for sport divers, but there won't be any accidents if the kids forget to take off the watch when they jump in the pool or when they get into the shower after gymnastics.

Torekov's children's watches are super nice analog watches. If you buy a wristwatch for children, you're not just giving them a piece of jewelry, you're also giving them a smart gift they'll feel good about. Buy here; Torekov's watch child

All Torekov's watches for children are delivered free of charge within the EU and have a 2-year warranty.

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