Watches for children and young people from the Swedish premium brand Torekov's children's watches ! Sometimes you want something different, something a little bolder, something that stands out. Then Torekov's watches for children and youth watches in black are the right option!

I know, it's easier for children to learn the clock if you choose another one of Torekov's children's clocks. But maybe the child already knows the clock, or has gotten a little older. Then it's tough with a black watch with second, minute and hour hands in graphite grey! The larger watches, 33mm, from Torekovs are unique youth watches - and the black ones are absolutely cool.

For the black watches from Torekovs, you can choose fabric straps (so-called nato) with black buckles and a black sleeve. There are watch bands in solid black, orange and white. The watch bracelet in orange with its all-black watch is undeniably very cheeky.

If you choose a black watch and white watch bracelet with its black details, you still get a very tough watch - but still stylish. A really good alternative!

Watches children, cool with smart options

Looking for a cool children's watch? If you're also into a watch with a 33 mm case, then you can be a bit quirky and buy a Torekovs Pärlhamn in black with black mesh. Then you have a watch that you will never outgrow because the mesh band also fits adults. Nevertheless, you can buy fun extra bands to change to. For example, the orange or the white.

You can also choose to buy a genuine leather watch strap for your black watch. It is then appropriate with a black watch bracelet with gold or silver buckles.

Torekov's children's watches a premium brand

In general, Torekov's children's watches are an absolute premium brand for children. It took years of development and planning before the watches hit the market.

All watches from Torekovs are cast in the best steel you can buy, so-called 316L steel. It is called surgical steel because surgical instruments are made of the same steel. But, although it is the best steel you can use, it still contains Nickel. All steel does. If you want to be absolutely sure that your child does not develop a nickel allergy, you must have a hypoallergenic material on the contact surface with the skin. Titanium, ceramic (and plastic) are hypoallergenic.

Torekov's children's watches have chosen to put 100% titanium on their underside.

Children's watches should be comfortable to wear

Now you have found a cool children's watch, but regardless, they should be comfortable to wear! When you were young, or maybe even in adulthood, surely you have experienced that the switch button, the crown, hurt the top of your hand? Torekovs has solved that by moving the crown to the 2 o'clock position instead. Smart!

Children's watches must have sapphire crystal glasses

It's no fun buying a nice watch that quickly gets scratched on the glass. It is basically impossible to keep a simpler watch nice, as almost all watches – even the slightly more expensive ones – have mineral glass. Mineral glass is basically plastic. Everyone knows how easy it is to scratch.

The best glass you can have on a watch is sapphire crystal glass. The absolute finest watches for adults, such as Rolex, have sapphire crystal glass. Torekov's children's watches also have glasses made of 100% sapphire crystal (Some watch brands put a coating, a simple surface layer, of crystal on their mineral glass. Not Torekov's, they have a completely homogeneous sapphire crystal glass.)

Children's watches must be waterproof!

A watch for children must be waterproof. Many children's watches (as well as quite a few watches for adults) cannot withstand being outside when it rains.

All watches from Torekovs; children's watches, youth watches and women's watches Torekov's Pärlhamn withstands 5 ATM. This does not mean that you should wear them if you do sport diving, but they can withstand playing and swimming - and are still comfortable to wear.

Children's watches and youth watches from Torekovs are premium. Their black line are very cool watches !

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