When do children learn the clock? Well, throughout their elementary years!

(Article from the e-magazine Vreden)

Now the first semester for children in 1st grade has begun to suffer towards its end. Much of the autumn has been spent getting to know each other in class, but little by little they have also started to look at the alphabet and numbers. After Christmas, it's time to look at the clock and learn how to tell it.

But, it's not easy. How many children have even seen a clock today? Even less do they have someone on their arm!

Buy an analog clock

We adults can think what we want, our children must learn the clock. So, help your children and buy an analog children's watch for your child!

After all, simply owning a watch does not mean that they automatically learn to decipher it. It is work we parents can support them with. Make the watch something fun! Ask them to speak after 5 minutes, try to teach them to come in at a certain time when they are outside playing. (Not so long blocks, start with 15 minutes). When they then come in, maybe there will be some coffee!

So, when do children learn the clock?

Between the ages of 6-9, but – it's not enough to trust the school to solve it.

It comes very naturally to support the children in learning to read and count. But we forget that children work for almost 3 years of school learning the clock. So, an analog children's watch helps children do better at school! But as I said, also spend joint time at home teaching the children the clock.

What should you buy for a children's watch?

It should be fun to wear your watch. It's definitely more fun to wear it if you feel pretty! But the most important thing is that it is comfortable to wear, and has clear numbers and hour, minute and second hands.

Children are children, and they should be! You can't expect them to take off their watch if it's raining outside. Or that you can't wear your watch when they ride the slide. Therefore, it is important that the watch is water resistant. A children's wristwatch must withstand 5 ATM or more.

Opt for a children's watch with sapphire glass

If you don't want the children's watch to be completely scratched on the glass after only a few days of playing, then the glass should be made of sapphire crystal glass. Watches that have it are more expensive, but then the glasses of the watches will also be as scratch-free when the children themselves are adults as when they received the watch.

Avoid steel undersides on children's watches

You don't want your child to be exposed to the risk of developing a nickel allergy, do you? All steel contains nickel. For safety's sake, therefore, choose a children's watch with a titanium or ceramic underside.

Which children's watch should you buy?

There are a couple of brands that you recognize, Gul and GANT. They have nice children's watches. But our absolute favorite children's watch is a children's watch from Swedish Torekovs. They have produced an exclusive classic watch series that is just as suitable for a nice dinner as it is for school and the playground.

Invest in a quality watch when you buy a children's watch. The best tip is www.torekovs.se

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