Watches for children and youth from Swedish Torekovs are uniquely good gifts. Choose to buy a classically cool watch for your slightly older child.

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Many times you have to struggle with what to buy when there is a holiday such as Christmas Eve, birthday, graduation or confirmation.

It is not infrequent that you buy something that you are already skeptical about whether it will be good at the time of purchase. Above all, if you want to invest in something a little more special. Something that becomes a memory. Then I imagine a bracelet link, gold chain or similar.

Instead, we suggest that you buy a really nice analog children's watch from Torekov's children's watches.

The team behind Torekov's children's watches and wristwatches for nerds has produced an exclusive, classic yet cool watch for children and young people.

For young people, the size 33mm applies, and then they are available in gold, silver, rose and black.

A really good tip is a rosé watch in the Torekovs Pärlhamn line!

The watch in rosé is a super hit. Some love gold, some love silver - but I have to say that the rose watch from Torekovs is insanely beautiful! The entire series of mesh watch straps is something really special. It is super soft to wear, and very pleasant to look at.

If you are a little fancy, you buy a watch bracelet in white fabric with buckles and sleeve in rose (so-called nato band) which you can change to. Maybe even an all-black watch bracelet that I know my friend wears on her pink watch when she's at the stables.


All watches from Torekovs have a slightly curved glass. It makes the whole watch special. Unique. They probably looked at the classic older watches from Rolex and IWC that have just that type of glass. Regardless, it will be insanely classically stylish! The glass is also made of sapphire crystal. This means that they are basically impossible to get scratches on.

Do you know someone who has a nickel allergy? It is really very sad to have it. Research says it's not something you're born with, but something you get if you happen to be sensitive and exposed to nickel.

The best watches are cast in 316L steel, so-called surgical steel. The best steel you can use. But, all steel – even the best – contains Nickel. Some more, some less - but still.

Torekov's watches are also cast in 316L steel, but they have chosen to have their undersides entirely in 100% Titanium. This is because Titanium and ceramic materials do not contain any Nickel at all, i.e. completely Hypoallergenic. Allergy free.

Torekov's Pärlhamn is premium

In conclusion, I can say that Torekov's classic watches for young people are a truly exclusive gift. The watches with mesh straps, Torekov's Pärlhamn, are definitely their premium line. The best thing about those watches is that they also suit us women just as well as young people. The watch strap is easy to adjust.

Take a look at their website, and surprise your young teenager with a great gift from Torekovs. You must order a 33mm watch for the older children and young people. All watches from Torekovs are delivered free of charge within the EU and they provide a 2-year warranty.

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