Children's watch girl, what should you buy? Here you will get the best guide! But first, you have to make a choice: real watch or smartwatch for your girl?

Smartwatches for children are popular. Many are worried about what their children are up to, and want to be able to follow them when they are outside the house or apartment. You also want to be able to call the children and be called. The children think it can be exciting to be able to ring with their watch and also to be able to take photographs. Some smart watches also enable them to keep track of social apps and Snapchat.

Smart with a smartwatch?

But, is it good? Should your child go alone if you are worried that something might happen? And should kids have social apps or snapchat?

Researchers have released reports that children and young people in Sweden are getting worse and worse. The researchers show the connection to the mobile phone/smartwatch, the continuous connection, and that it leads the children to stress and anxiety.

Can you get your daughter to completely give up mobile phones while growing up? No, you almost can't - and you probably shouldn't either. But, would it be good to try to avoid mobile phones/smartwatches for as long as possible? Yes absolutely.

Feel free to read professor and TV profile Anders Hansen's book; Skärmhjärnan . It is extremely good. Easy to read and eerily apt. Very conceivable.

So, if we then decide that you should buy an analog children's watch girl for your daughter, what should you think about?

Buy an analog children's watch made of the best steel.

You don't want your girl to develop a nickel allergy.

(Have you ever bought a piece of jewelry or a belt abroad or at some simple bazaar? Maybe you got redness under, or off of them? Or it started to itch? Then it's most certainly to do with the cheap base material)

The best steel is so-called surgical steel, 316L Steel. It got its name because it is the quality required to make medical instruments.

If you also find a watch with a titanium or ceramic underside, you are 100% sure that the watch will not cause future problems with nickel allergy.

Watches for children must have the best glass

Children play, fall, and scratch their watch. If you buy a cheap watch, you get cheap glass made of plastic or mineral glass, which is basically plastic. Cheap often becomes expensive as it is probably not possible to change the watch glass, and nobody wants a watch with scratched glass.

The best glass you can have on a children's watch for your girl is sapphire crystal glass. It is one of the hardest materials on earth and impossible to scratch.

Watch strap in breathable material

Kids want their watch to stick. It is unsightly when a watch is loose. If you have then bought a watch with a watch strap made of plastic or tight rubber, they do not breathe. Moisture from heat or liquid then forms under the band, and it is neither pleasant nor useful for your girl.

Opt for a watch with a watch strap in genuine leather or softer fabric. Leather is still the best material for kids, and fabric (nato) is a good second.

Children's watches must withstand water

You cannot buy a children's watch with a water resistance below 5 ATM. Many watches have 3 ATM water resistance, this means they cannot withstand rain, the cheapest ones often have 1 ATM.

5 ATM enables your girl to wear her watch on her arm when she jumps in the pool or showers after the gym. That is quite enough. The watch is then still flexible and yet functional. If your girl is deep diving with tubes, you can invest in a watch with 10 ATM or more.

We want to recommend a Swedish children's watch that has thought of everything we mention, Torekov's children's watches

They have invested in premium watches for girls and boys that are not only beautiful and durable, they have very stylish watches children

At Torekov's children's watches you get;

  • 316L steel, ie surgical steel
  • Homogeneous titanium underside on all watches
  • Glass in sapphire crystal
  • 5ATM
  • You can choose watches in shiny Gold, Silver or Rose. There is also a tougher line in matt black and graphite.
  • Watch strap in soft genuine leather or nato (fabric). They also have an exclusive line of metal (mesh) watch bands

Children's watches from Torekovs come home with free shipping and they provide a 2-year warranty.

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