Gifts, surely it is difficult to find the right one? You want to give something special, something that remains, preferably a gift that also contributes to something.

We have the best suggestions for you if you are looking for a gift for children, young people or for women of all ages;

Buy a real watch here from Swedish Torekov's watches !

Premium watches at the best price

They have produced premium watches mainly for children and young people, but it turns out that women of all ages love their most exclusive line, Torekov's Pärlhamn.

The unique thing about Torekov's watches is that they invest in the best materials in every detail. Since they are only sold through their own warehouse in Torekov, they can still keep an amazingly good price.

Quality is important. The right watch can last the entire child's upbringing and remain until you have children of your own! Maybe you yourself remember when you got your first watch? Think how fun it would be if it were still around today and you could hand it over to your child or grandchild.

Hypoallergenic steel

Are you tempted to buy jewelery abroad? It is so much fun to go around shops or bazaars and find bracelets, necklaces and earrings. But, if you've done it, you've probably noticed that it starts to itch under the bracelet or that you get redness near the hole in your ears. Then it is proof that you are sensitive to Nickel.

Once you have developed a nickel allergy, it will not go away. Therefore, make sure to buy jewelry in hypoallergenic steel, so-called surgical steel (Name 316L steel)

It is the steel grade that contains the least Nickel.

All Torekov's watches are cast in 316L steel. In order to absolutely exclude the risk of allergies, they have also put a homogeneous underside of Hypoallergenic Titan. Uniquely good!

Watch strap in leather

Putting anything other than natural materials closest to the skin and also materials that do not breathe, such as plastic or rubber, is not good. Look for gifts that are made from natural materials.

Torekov's watches have watch straps in genuine, soft leather. You can also choose watch straps in fabric, so-called nato, or exclusive mesh.

Glass in sapphire crystal

No glass is harder than sapphire crystal glass. Because watches often have to withstand bumps, knocks and scratches, sapphire crystal is therefore an ultimate material for watch glass. Unfortunately, it is an expensive material, which means that many choose plastic glasses or simple mineral glasses. Torekov watches have sapphire crystal glass on all their watches.

Clock for children, a help at school

An analog watch for your child not only makes the child feel nice and gets a piece of jewelry. It's a gift that helps the child in school! Many have forgotten that school spends 3 years of education teaching children the clock. Invest in a stylish, affordable premium watch the next time you buy a gift! Best buys can be found here at Torekov's children's watches .

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