Children's watch boy, which is the best buy?

There are tons of watches for boys to buy. Prices vary between SEK 300 and approx. SEK 2,500.

First question you should ask yourself, should you buy an analog watch or a smartwatch for children?

It is fashionable to buy smartwatches for children. It can be tempting to be able to call your child when needed and to be able to track your child to and from friends or at the playground.

But, is it a real need? Could you have managed without calling your child who is 5-10 years old? Can you perhaps choose to go and meet the child at your friend's house, or be with the child at the playground?

Research shows that children and young people feel increasingly worse due to stress and lack of sleep. The same researchers link the problems to the avalanche-like increase in mobile phone use among the younger generation. Should we parents then speed it up by buying a smartwatch for our child?

Buy an analog children's watch

No, don't buy a smartwatch. Buy a real analog children's watch for your boy! All children must learn the clock. The school spends 3 years of primary education teaching your child how to read the clock. You will certainly help your child learn to read, write and count. Helping your child with the watch is just as obvious, but a little forgotten.

Which analog children's watch should you buy for your boy?

It is easy to be lured into a cheap solution. Then you will probably get a watch made of plastic or cheap steel mixture. Sometimes cheap can be expensive. Durability, water resistance, comfort and that the watch is good for your boy are important aspects to consider:

The quality of the children's watch

Look for a watch that is cast from high-quality steel. You do not want your boy to develop a nickel allergy, which is a risk if you buy simpler steel products that have not been tested. (Cheaper imports with a steel core, such as bracelets, necklaces, earrings and watches)

The best steel is so-called surgical steel, 316L.

If you want to look for the absolute best, the contact surface with the skin should be made of titanium or ceramic. Then the watch is absolutely allergy-free.

Glass for children's watches

Glass on children's watches are exposed to lots of shocks, scratches and impacts. Simple watches almost always have glass made of plastic material or mineral glass which is basically plastic. They scratch very easily and are not a suitable material for a children's watch.

The best glass you can have on a watch is sapphire crystal. It is one of the earth's hardest materials, closest in hardness to diamond. Sapphire crystal is of course an expensive material, but the watch will be without scratches on the glass and cracks throughout the child's upbringing. Probably just as unscathed even when your boy passes the watch on to his children.

Water resistance

Many children's watches for boys have a water resistance of 3 ATM or less. This means that they cannot withstand rain. Buy a watch with 5 ATM or more for your boy. Children should be allowed to forget their watch on their arm and jump in the pool or run in the water sprinkler without injury. If your child is to practice deep diving with tubes, 5 ATM is not enough. But, with higher water resistance, the watches also become clumsier. No problem if you are a diver, but perhaps unnecessary if you are a normal active child.

Watch bracelet for children

Guys want their watches to fit on the arm, i.e. tight. They often express that it becomes troublesome if the watch slips or goes down on the underside of the wrist. Therefore, you do not want your boy to have a watch band made of plastic or dense rubber. Of course, those materials do not breathe, and then moisture forms with the risk of redness or rashes.

Buy a children's watch with a genuine leather watch strap. It's natural, it breathes and can often get nicer over the years.

There is a new Swedish company in Bjäre, Torekov's children's watches, which has invested in premium watches for boys. Look here you will see; Torekov's watches children .

They have ticked all the boxes mentioned above:

  • Watches made of surgical steel, 316L steel with titanium underside.
  • Glass of homogeneous diamond-hard sapphire crystal
  • Waterproof 5 ATM
  • Watch strap made of soft genuine leather, or nato. There is also an exclusive line for teenagers and mothers in the finest metal (mesh).

Torekov's watches for children, of course both boys and girls, are available in two sizes and in shiny Gold, Silver, Rosé or matte black.

In addition, they offer Free Shipping on all their watches and a 2-year Warranty.

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