Children's watches from Torekovs, a premium children's watch

If you are looking for a really nice birthday present, Christmas present, Valentine's Day, or gift for graduation - then a watch from Torekov's watches is a great gift! Buy here; Torekov's children's watches

Premium watch for children

The creators of the watch brand Torekovs could not find a really nice watch for their child when he turned one. Therefore, they took it upon themselves and invested in creating the most exclusive children's watches on the market.

They have really thought of everything.


All steel watches contain Nickel. Simpler (cheaper) steel contains more Nickel, and the most expensive very little. All Torekov's watches are cast in the finest surgical steel. But regardless of that, they choose to put absolutely hypoallergenic Titan on the underside. All to ensure that you absolutely cannot develop a nickel allergy from their watches.

Then they put the absolute most expensive glass on their watches. The glass is sapphire crystal. Only diamond is a harder material.

All Torekov watches are water resistant to 50 m (5 ATM). They are not diving watches, but can withstand being left on your arm if you jump in the pool or forget to take your watch off when you shower.

Watches children

All children in must learn the clock. Children often work with the clock during the first three years of school. But, how many people have a watch on their arm?

We parents want to help our children in school. We sit next to them and work on the alphabet, we teach them numbers and simple math – but how many parents help children learn the clock?
How many people have analogue clocks in their homes today?
Giving your child or grandchild a watch is giving them help at school.

“But why not a Smartwatch? They are great to put on your child, aren't they? With them, you can follow them on their phone when they go home from school, and they think it's so much fun to take pictures with their smartwatch and talk to their friends on the phone. On some variants, they can even play games. They think it's so exciting…”
No…! Smartwatch is not good for children. As a parent of teenagers too, I can say that one of the big problems that exists is limiting the children's mobile time! Then introducing our youngest children to the mobile world is absolutely wrong. There is a lot of research that shows that. See what senior doctor Anders Hansen, author of Skärmhärnan, says: Anders Hansen interview

We adults must take our responsibility and limit our children's mobile use. If you want to keep an eye on your child and give them a good upbringing, don't buy a smartwatch for your child. Spend time, play and follow your child to school.

So, help your child in school. Buy an analog watch child for her or him. The more a child likes their watch, the more they want to wear it. Children love wearing their Torekov children's watch. They feel luxuriously nice in it.

Free shipping

All Torekov's children's watches are delivered in exclusive boxes with free shipping and have a 2-year warranty.

Torekov's watches are exceptionally nice watches at a fantastic price!

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