Children's watches analog or smartwatch and mobile phone, which is right?

Mobile phones, useful?

Are mobile phones useful for children? No, mobile phones are not useful for children! Research after research shows that children are unable to limit their mobile use if they have a mobile phone. It can also be proven that mobile phones cause stress and anxiety among children, young people and adults.

How is it then that we adults are unable to handle it? "You just need to limit screen time".

If you, as a parent, have succeeded, I really want to congratulate you. You are amazing, and quite unique! Feel free to comment below and give tips!


Anders Hansen, Senior Physician in Psychiatry and well-known expert on TV, has among other things written the books ”Skärmhjärnan Jr” and the children's version "The Screen Brain Jr". If you have the slightest bit of time to spare, or like to listen to audiobooks when you're out for a walk - then read or listen to his books!

The books are about human brains, and how the world's population has gotten to, and almost been swallowed, by the companies that produce mobile phones and smartwatches!

He writes: "When smart phones ended up in every pocket, we suddenly had access to a fantastic world of possibilities just a click away. But what does hour after hour of screen time really do to our and - perhaps most importantly - our children's and young people's brains?", Anders Hansen, Skärmhjärnan JR, 2021.

Social apps create harmful need

Anders Hansen further describes how the social apps are created to build a need, and likens the craving for mobile phones to drug addiction. He explains why and how mobile phones create stress. Anders connects the increasingly younger generation who have anxiety due to stress with the increasing use of mobile phones. Every development of apps since Facebook entered our lives is increasingly elaborate and clever. He eerily likens Snap-Chat to youth heroin. Basically impossible to defend if you start.

Why do we give children a cell phone?

Could it be that we adults get an easier life if the children get a mobile phone or smartwatch? Yes, absolutely – it is. Everyone has probably met a parent of a small child who mounted a mobile phone in front of the child in a Baby Björn or in the pram. Not infrequently so that the parent can go and talk on the phone or even surf the net...

Maybe it's the case that you give in to the nagging? Maybe it's that you fool yourself and say that it's very important, because with a mobile phone they can keep track of the time? But, it was fine to get home on time when we were growing up only thanks to having a watch on your arm. A real analog children's watch. Couldn't that be an option. At least sometimes!

Completely succeeding in keeping the children from having a mobile phone is not easy, but reduce the time! Create rules where you don't just put the mobile phone in your pocket, but turn it off during moments of the day.

Our suggestion; buy children's watch analog

What else can be done? Buy a real analog clock that kids can use to know what time it is. Invest in a watch for children that lasts. Be sure to invest in a watch that children want to wear, that makes them feel beautiful.

Our best suggestion is a new Swedish premium watch called Torekovs, .

Torekov's children's chefs, best buy

They have invested in children's watches with clear numbers, hypoallergenic back in titanium, a shifted switch button for convenience. They are waterproof and have sapphire crystal glass that is as hard as diamond and completely impossible to scratch. These watches come with different watch bands and in alloy of gold, silver, rose and black. They have surprised the market with extremely fine children's watches .

Alarming facts

The National Board of Health and Welfare has submitted an alarming report; in the last 10 years, 5 times as many children as before have been prescribed sleeping pills and tranquilizers. At the same time, mobile phone usage has increased explosively. Is it a coincidence?

Don't let your child become one of those people who feel bad about their cell phone. Find ways to limit usage!


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